Config git username and email in global or local

In this post, I will help you set up an identity for your git repository on your local environment. We can config git username and email address for your repository or globally for your users. The global configuration is applied to all repositories to that user. The Git local repository configuration overrides the global configuration.

What command to config git username and email ?

Firstly, Search and show information GIT Username and Email

1. Use git config command

git config <option>

– List all git configs

git config --list

– Show Git User

git config

– Show Git Email

git config

2. Search in git’s ~/.gitconfig file

For example, The content in the file ~/.gitconfig will look like below:


name = Admin

email =

Change Global Git Config

However, If you have multiple repository on your computer. And you don’t want to configure username and email address for each repository individually.

Therefore, You can use –global option with that commands to configure it globally. And it will be available for all repositories of that system user.

And run below command to config

git config --global "Admin"
git config --global ""

Or edit ~/.gitconfig file before commit

Change Local GIT Config for each project

In addition, In case you want to set the user for each project, edit the .git/config file in each project. It will override the user and email upon commit.

For instance, the command to set the local git config is as follows:

git config "Admin"

git config ""

However, If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me here or comment below the post